From places to cool off during the summer to birthday parties, here's a list of the "Best of Abilene" articles published on our website.

  • Best Places to Find Antiques in Abilene

    Here in Abilene there have been quite a few stores/dealers pop up over the last few years that deal with antiques. Shay found a few that she likes and wanted to share but please let us know some of your favorites as well.

    Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News
  • Things to Do in West Texas Before the End of the World

    So what would you do if these are the last days on earth? Would you start checking off things on your bucket list, like skydiving or seeing the great wonders of West Texas? Here are Shay's top 5.

  • The Best Hotels in Abilene

    There's always something going on in Abilene, thus the need for so many good hotels. This Article reviews the top 5 best hotels in Abilene.

    Hilton Garden Inn Abilene
  • Best Chips and Salsa in Abilene

    Did you know that chips and salsa are the official state snack of Texas? It was proclaimed such back in 2003. Chips and salsa are perfect for any occasion, and below are Rudy's top 5 from Abilene.

    Rudy Fernandez
  • Places to Cool off in Abilene

    When the dog days of summer make the heat unbearable, Abilene has some of the best places to hide out from the blistering sun. How do you stay cool? Here are some of ours.

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  • Best Pools In Abilene

    From 10-foot high diving boards to a cool dip at the indoor YMCA pool, Abilene has a variety of pools that are both public and private, some just require a membership fee. Check out our top five and pick what best fits you.

  • Best Playgrounds in Abilene

    As varied as our cities history so are the playgrounds, from western rustic to traditional to the most contemporary. Abilene has a playground for everyone from toddlers to the elderly, and now a playground for dogs. What's your favorite park in the Key City?

    Rudy Fernandez
  • Best Places for a Bachelorette Party in Abilene

    Here are some places to go and have an awesome bachelorette party in Abilene. We have great places to pamper yourself, have fun and enjoy those last few moments of single life with your friends.

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  • Best Places to Take Mom on Mother’s Day in Abilene

    When it comes to pampering mom on her special day, you need to treat her to the best Abilene has to offer. Here's an article listing the best places to take mom out on Mother's Day in Abilene.

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  • Best Places for a Kid’s Birthday Party In Abilene

    No matter the age, variety is the name of the game. From an arcade to the zoo, Abilene has so much to do. Here are five places we found that are great for kid’s birthday parties in Abilene.

    PrimeTime Family Entertainment Center
  • Abilene's Famous Landmarks

    Rich with history, add the wild west for flavor and these historical landmarks appear to come to life. This article lists five of our famous landmarks in Abilene.

    Rudy Fernandez
  • Worst Storms in Abilene History

    West Texas definitely has four seasons and we experience bad weather all the time, no month is exempt. This article revisits the top 5 worst storms in recent memory.

  • Little Known Facts About Abilene

    Abilene has a lot of "one and only" things going for it, for example the longest continuous running business in Texas is here or the only college that offers a degree in Digital Signage Technology. This article points out 5 little known facts about Abilene.

    Shay Hill
  • Urban Legends in Abilene

    From ghosts to haunted buildings to urban legends, the All America City has its share of all the a fore mentioned. Here are our top 5 Urban Legends.

  • Most Annoying Construction Sites in Abilene

    Look around the Big Country and you'll find signs of our growing pains, from buildings to roadwork. Construction is a year round annoyance here, Shay Hill points out our top 5 hot spots for work ahead.

    Shay Hill
  • Halloween Costume Choices

    There will always be a little fireman, clown, princess, pirate or vampire running around the streets of Abilene when Halloween rolls around. Shay Hill highlights her top 5 favorite costumes for Abilene.

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  • Classic Signs in Abilene

    As unique as our buildings and our history, so are the signs that have survived the test of time. This article brings to life the signs of our times in Abilene.

    Rudy Fernandez
  • Best Local Facebook Pages

    These days everyone has a Facebook page, so how do you keep up with all your favorites. Here Shay Hill shares her favorite Facebook pages.

  • Unique Buildings in the Area

    Abilene is home to many unique buildings, many are in a sense, timeless and most are still in use after decades of use. These buildings have a character of their own. Here's our top 7.

    Rudy Fernandez
  • Retail Stores We Wished We Had in Abilene

    Abilene could never have enough retail outlets. Here are 5 stores Shay Hill would like to have in Abilene.

    Cabela's Ft. Worth
  • Best High School Football Teams in Abilene

    Friday night the lights shine brightly from stadiums around A-Town and the Big Country. It's not just a pastime, for some it's an obsession. High Schools here win State Championships, on a regular basis. Here's our best 5 teams in recent history.

  • Best Car Washes In Abilene – Rudy’s Top 5

    Abilene got it's first automatic car-wash system in the mid 1950's, it was the 'Westwood Robo-Wash' that was located at 3889 N. 1st Street. Today there are a dozen automatic car-washes, below are my top 5 from Abilene.

    Rudy Fernandez