What's going on?

Neighborhood Fishing
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is hosting the 'Neighborhood Fishing' program Saturday, February 17th.
The Fur Ball
Abilene's Only Dinner and Dance for People and Their Pets is Back February 17th.
Bubba Westley Live
Bubba Westley is coming to Abilene's Firehouse Bar & Grill, Saturday January 20th.
New Years Resolution #1
Losing weight isn't hard, it's simply a matter of burning more calories than you take in. Losing weight doesn't have to be a pain. Here are some helpful tips.
Food Traditions
Food traditions that will bring love, luck, and money for the New Year.
Mouse Holes
What a tiny, little hole offers a ordinary household mouse.
Shotgun Rider Live
Shotgun Rider is coming to Abilene's Firehouse Bar & Grill, Friday December 15th.
Brett Hendrix Live
Brett Hendrix is coming to Abilene's Firehouse Bar & Grill, Friday December 8th.
Bobby Flores Live
Bobby Flores and the Yellow Rose Band are coming to the Snyder Coliseum for the annual Big Country Christmas Ball.
Office Sounds
Workers Extract 'Carol of the Bells' from Office Sounds
View VFD Chili Day
The View Volunteer Fire Department's Chili Day and Fundraiser is Dec. 3rd at the Precinct 1 Barn.
Celebration Singers
The Celebration Singer's "Christmas, Highlights From 20 Years" concert is this Friday December 1st at the Paramount.
Gun and Knife Show
Find the perfect hunting rifle or carry weapon at the Silver Spur Gun and Blade Show.