We've had 100 plus degree heat for way to long now and summer just officially began Tuesday. What are some ways to keep cool this summer? Well I just happen to have some suggestions!!

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    Abilene Public Library

    The Abilene Public Library is a perfect place to cool off this summer. Our library has a north and south location so it's accessible to everyone. They have "summer reading clubs" for both kids and adults. The age range for kids is 0-18 years old. There are 4 different groups, based on age, where kids can enjoy activities, reading and learning. For the adults there is a summer "reader's log". You can pick up or download from the website, the list of books recommended for reading. Once you've read 6 books on the list you turn in your log for a free book bag and you are then entered into a drawing for certificates and coupons from local businesses. These are just a few of the things the library has going on this summer check there website for more details. The best thing about this is the library is air-conditioned!!

    Abilene Public Library
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    Movies are a huge deal during the summer. This is when all the fun 'blockbusters' are released. We have some great theaters in Abilene including Carmike Park Central, Century 12, Premiere Cinema 10 in the Mall of Abilene and the Paramount. Right now there are some really great movies out and the only problem I see is that you might run out of time before school starts back. Some of the big movies out this summer include: Green Lantern, Hangover II, Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides, x-Me:First Class, Kung Fu Panda 2, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Rio 3D, Thor, Fast Five, Cars 2 and Super 8. As you can see you have plenty to choose from. You can chose and adults only, kids only or include the whole family, there is something for everyone. I did also find a site that included all theaters in Abilene on one page with the movies, times, and even reviews. Check out moviefone.com

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    Ice Cream and Yogurt

    An exceptionally great way to cool off this summer is with yummy yogurt or creamy ice cream. We have two great places here in Abilene too get these treats. If you want the full calorie, loaded with goodies ice cream then Cold Stone Creamery is for you. They have a large variety of flavors that can be eaten alone or by mixing them up and make your own treat. I love German Chocolate. Chocolate ice cream, add some chocolate chunks, nuts and coconut and you have German Chocolate...mmmmm. They also carry shakes, smoothies and ice cream cakes as well. Now if you want something with fewer calories but all the taste you should try Nikki's Swirl Shoppe. They have self-serve dispensers with about 14 different flavors of yogurt that rotate weekly. You can also mix these to make your own creative combinations. Once you have your yogurt then you can add cookies, candy, nuts, sprinkles or fresh fruit. At Nikki's you also pay by weight, your yogurts weight, not yours!! It also has a cool 50's motif.

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    Prime Time Family Entertainment Center

    If you are looking for every activity possible all in one place check out Prime Time. They have something for everyone and every age. They have go-karts, batting cages, miniature golf, bowling, laser tag, XD theater, NASCAR simulators, bumper cars, billiards and an arcade. Plus all summer long they have TEEN night from 8-11pm for $12 +tax and you could win some cool prizes with all the contests. You can also book private parties as well.

    Prime Time Entertainment Center
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    Swimming Pools and Sprinklers

    The best place to cool off is a swimming pool. Some of us have friends or family with pools or maybe you even own one yourself, in that case please invite me over! However, there are lots of swimming pools to plunge into around Abilene. In fact just a few weeks ago Rudy gave you a whole list of great pools around our area. So dive in. Now if you are like me and you aren't so fortunate to have a pool then the sprinkler is the next best thing. I remember when I was little we would turn on the sprinkler and all the kids on the block would show up. Then we had to get the water balloons and water guns going and eventually that wasn't enough so we graduated to buckets. It was also a multipurpose event, the lawn got watered, we got cooled off, had lots of fun and it was cheap.

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