Halloween is the second top grossing holiday in the U.S., next only to Christmas. There are parties, costumes, decor, and of course, candy! For kids Halloween costume shopping is a great thrill. I remember spending weeks coming up with ideas and making sure I wasn't wearing the same thing as my friends. There will always be the little fireman, clown, princess, pirate or vampire but there are so many choice these days I set out to find the top 5 for this years trick-o-treaters. I found what I believe are the best costumes for men, women, boys, girls and Fido!

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    Captain America

    Best Men'sCostume

    Captain America was a huge movie this summer and it will be a popular costume choice not only for children but for those grown up kids too. This costume comes in both kid and adult sizes and is showing up on many Halloween costume sites. Therefore it is my pic as the top male costume this year.

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    Wonder Woman

    Best Women's Costume

    Looks like Wonder Woman wins new women's costume. Actually it was a toss up between Wonder Woman and Sexy Pirate. There was talk of course of the t.v. show being revamped, then it wasn't, then it was again. I really don't know for sure now but the costume is cool none the less. Who wouldn't want to carry a gold lasso and capture bad guys.

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    Best Boy's Costume

    Seems that we have a movie theme going on here. That's not unusual, top action movies have always spawned Halloween costumes. Transformers is no exception, this is the top boys costume this year. There are many variations but they all look cool and that's really all boys care about!

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    Best Girl's Costume

    Girls seems to be pretty easy to please. Give them some make-up, glitter, a wand and a long flowing dress and they are happy. Every little girl wants to be a princess, fairy, Cinderella or Snow White. I think it's because they feel grown up getting to put on make-up, getting their hair curled and maybe even wearing a shoe with a little heel. Princesses always win!

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    Best Dog Costume

    We can't leave out the other members of the house; dogs. I have a chihuahua. I love to dress him up, he's not so fond of it but I'm bigger than he is and I'm the mama. Now it depends on the size of your dog and the gender. My baby is a male so I chose this one for him.