While I still don't know what to think of this video myself, it will get your heart pumping and your blood racing with some of the shots in Phil Vassar's new Santa's Gone Hollywood' Christmas song and video. This is one video you don't want little kids to watch because they'll be asking you, "did Santa really more to California, 'cause I thought Santa was more conservative than that?" or "Is that really Mrs Claus, 'cause it doesn't look like that lady knows how to bake cookies?" I will warn you the video is a little racy, check it out.

I really like the music, I caught myself tapping my foot and humming along with the song because it's got a good melody. But then  again, there's those pesky lyrics like "He's got no bills and blue pills and he's hung up his sack, Mrs Claus is looking hot, she's even got a new rack, She's been nipped, tucked, lypo-sucked and tightened up good, Santa's gone Hollywood!" It's a fun mature song, give it a listen and tell me what you think.

 This is the video for Phil Vassar's - 'Santa's Gone Hollywood' Christmas song

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