Each year I watch the Super Bowl because I love football and I really love the Super Bowl commercials. Never have I said "I love Christmas because of the commercials", but thanks to Chevy, I can actually say that.

For the past couple of years, Chevrolet has put together some really creative and hilarious commercials for their "Giving More" campaign. These commercials feature an auto salesman that looks like Santa. The tongue-in-cheek comments throughout each of these commercials will have you buckled over in laughter. There are also subtleties that will make you watch each commercial multiple times.

Here are a few of the newest "Chevy's Giving More" commercials for 2013-14

Do you believe?

A Saint to the rescue

Santa is great with kids

Can you spare some change?

The following commercials are from years past, but they're still as funny as all get-out.

You may have seen this commercial already, but you probably haven't seen the "extended" cut which is even funnier than the popular one on TV.

While searching for that commercial on YouTube, I found another one with the same 2 characters and it's pretty dang funny too.

It appears Chevy is enjoying quite a bit of success with this series of commercials as they've done more that are just as funny.

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