Santa has gone high tech these days and you can download the smartphone app called  "A Call From Santa" so the kids can keep in touch with Santa.

Postage has gone up tremendously since I last sent a letter to the North Pole and well, pencil and paper are pretty much obsolete these days. Now, of course,there is an app for your smart phone that will allow the kids to send their wishes to the big man.

The app is free and so are the phone calls. Kids can record a voicemail and include their wish list, Santa can write their name on the naughty or nice list, get North Pole weather forecasts and even listen to the Christmas Day countdown.

The app has great reviews and parents love the 'naughty or nice' feature! Parents can even schedule calls from Santa with automated messages to help keep the kiddos in line this season.

Since almost everyone in the world, including kids, has an iPhone this just might be the niftiest thing you could download today. Oh, and by the way, did I mention....IT'S FREE!!

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