Secret Santa Picks Up Family’s Walmart Bill
On the Friday before Christmas, Ruby Modlin was grocery shopping at Walmart with her family.
The Altoona, Iowa woman noticed that a man was following her around the store. Being a glass-half-filled type of gal Modlin figured it must be somebody who recognized her -- maybe from high school.
Santa Coming to Abilene
As a kid, there is just not quite anything that can compare to meeting Santa Claus to tell him what you want for Christmas, and to snap a few pictures.  Well, the wait is over as Santa makes his grand entrance with a parade through the Mall of Abilene this Saturday (November 17th).
Wynonna Performs With Santa At Make A Wish Event [VIDEO]
This Years annual Christmas Make-A-Wish party kicked off with breakfast and a very famous person, Santa! Wynonna Judd admitted that sometimes it's not all about her and after watching the kids interact with the Macy's Santa Claus, she realized that there was someone far more famous than he…

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