I'll admit this from the very start: I love flash mobs. Then again I hate them because they make me cry. Okay, I said it,. I really do love flash mobs, especially when I don't know they're coming. I've experienced two in my life, and I have participated in one as well.

I think the thing that makes me choke up a little is that witnessing a flash mob means watching the whole community come together and work as one to touch those around you. The one that always makes me boo-hoo like a kid who's lost his dog is when the little old widow who is out by herself, then she is sung to by the mob and she starts getting misty-eyed. Watch the video and see if it gets to you too.

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I was traveling once when an Air Force Band popped up out of nowhere at an airport and began serenading the weary travelers (I doubt this will happen again as security has been stricter). Another one was when I was at a record company's artist introduction at a mall in Dallas in the early '80s.

The Dallas flash mob was cool because for about two minutes one guy was standing in the middle of the mall singing his booty off. While he sounded great I thought "someone carrying a white jacket was coming for this guy". Then a young lady started singing her heart out too, and then everybody else jumped in. Wow! I was moved.

Knowing I am a fan of flash mobs, a friend in the record business who lives in Tennessee shared one with me. I thought flash mobs didn't exist anymore, but this one took place less than a year ago. I thought it was too cool not to share. If you like flash mobs or have a favorite one, please share it with me. I may be Fearless but these things put a tear of joy in my eye.

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