There's a little known fact that the Abilene Kennel Club started in 1958, and since then the Abilene club has hosted 47 dog shows right here in Abilene. The 47th Annual Dog Show was January 2011, while those who attended last years show are wondering what happened to this years 48th annual show, it has been moved, it is scheduled for May.
The Annual Dog Show will be held at the Taylor County Expo Center, this year the show will be May 20, 21 and 22, 2022 Abilene Kennel Club Show Chairman says, "there are still a lot of people here in Abilene that do not know we even exist. Although we have been doing this show for 47 years". Mark your calendars for May 18th through the 20th for this canine competition, West Texas Style. Keep up with Abilene Kennel Club through their Face book page.

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