David Nail Dreams of Being a Sports Talk Radio Show Host
David Nail is a talented singer and songwriter. That we know. But when it comes to some of his hidden talents, the singer proudly says he has a couple, which include cooking a mean steak — in the oven no less — and knowing just about anything and everything there is about sports.
Abilene Kennel Club to Host 48th Annual Dog Show [VIDEO]
There's a little known fact that the Abilene Kennel Club started in 1958, and since then the Abilene club has hosted 47 dog shows right here in Abilene. The 47th Annual Dog Show was January 2011, while those who attended last years show are wondering what happened to this years 48th annual show…
Feathers in Your Hair at the Peddler Show
Okay I did it, I accompanied my wife and daughter to the Peddler show that was in Abilene Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Wow, you can find just about anything in the world at this show. I was doing as any good husband does is, following behind taking in the sights when all of a sudden my daughter the …
Oklahoma Gun Show Goes Full Auto [VIDEO]
If you can't hit you target, then what you might need is a fully automatic machine gun. In Oklahoma these boys don't play around. They like their guns that it takes a lot of real estate and several day. And talk about try it before you buy it. Check out this video.