Golden Retriever
Dogs are a man's best friend, for the most part. However, this dog's owner knows how to get his adorable Golden Retriever riled up and barking mad. By eating her rawhide chew toy.
Snoring Dogs
While we may deny the fact that we snore while sleeping, these cute canines make no bones about their slumber habits they have. See which dog sounds most like you.
Amazing Dog
Watch this amazing dog think through his big stick problem. The stick is obviously too wide for the narrow bridge. After he thinks about it for a bit, watch how he brings the stick across.
Pug's Bedtime Lullaby
It's been said, Pug's have a face only a mother could love. But Doug the Pug is made even more adorable with his jammies and his bedtime nighty night song. The Pug's reaction? Precious!
Family Dog is Attacked
A family dog named Gwenivere was minding her own business, drinking water from a pothole in her own yard. When out of nowhere a coyote sneaks up and attacks the female German Shepperd.
Training a Puppy
When should you start training a puppy? I've always said wait until they're 6 months old. In this video a 12 week old French Bulldog teaches me different. The puppy named Brody Brixton proves that a few days of 'positive' reinforcement goes a long way.
Moe's Grand Opening
The Taylor County Sheriffs Office will benefit from the grand opening of the restaurant located in the Lowes parking lot at 4134 Ridgemont Drive. One of the restaurant's owners, Ruth Musgrave told me that all of the money made during the grand opening  of Moe's Southwest Grill Thursday, will be donated directly to the Taylor County Sheriffs office for a new K-9. With only one stipulation. Read Mor

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