Sheriffs Office to Get New K-9 from Grand Opening of Moe's
The Taylor County Sheriffs Office will benefit from the grand opening of the restaurant located in the Lowes parking lot at 4134 Ridgemont Drive. One of the restaurant's owners, Ruth Musgrave told me that all of the money made during the grand opening  of Moe's Southwest Grill Thursday, will be dona…
Adorable Family Dog Teaches Infant the Art of Jumping
Alexis the toddler likes to just sit and relax in her jolly jumper swing. Recently the family dog named Dakota took an interest in shadows. Now, whenever Dakota sees a shadow he starts jumping onto the shadows. Even if the shadows are those of baby Alexis sitting in her swing. Put the two together a…
Purin is an Adorable Soccer Playing Beagle
Purin is a very agile little soccer goalie. He not only defends his goal but can score if he needs to. Watch Purin show-off by catching and scoring then walking on only his front legs. This cute little guy may be headed to the World Cup series next year.

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