As an avid animal lover and an active member of some "animal rescue" groups, I get very sad when I hear stories about an emotional support animal gone missing. I had a lifelong friend who passed away a few years ago, and I recall the time we gathered all our friends to help him find Paco his support dog.

Watching him struggle and go through some high anxiety and seeing him emotional was heartbreaking, to say the least. So when my friends at Rescue the Animals, the All Kind Animal Rescue, or whatever group asks us to help put the word out, I'm on it.

So when I heard after the was found I was moved by the amount of energy, volunteers, family, and friends that put forth the effort to locate 9-year-old Pepe (a miniature Schnauzer Poodle mix) an emotional support dog that went missing for some time in San Angelo. Pepe disappeared on Wednesday, December 27th, 2023 from his owner Elisa Gonzales.

This is an amazing story because of the amount of people and energy that went out to find Pepe and reunite him with his owner. What was not being said is that this dog was Elisa's dad's dog and when Elisa's dad passed away she was left to take care of the dog. That explains why Ms. Elisa was so distraught.

Elisa, her family, and friends put the plea out for help. Elise even commented on social media saying, "He's my baby and he's my emotional support dog, and I need him," "He is my heart," and "He misses us."

Several days went by with no leads, even though the plea had also been put out on social media, radio, and TV. Then around the 5th of January Lisa posted on social media and contacted the radio and TV stations that Pepe had been spotted wandering around the Pinkies Liquor Store in San Angelo.

Success at last, Elisa Gonzales and Pepe were together again. Those who were witnessing the reunion at the Pinkies parking lot when Elisa called out Pepe's name, were all drawn to tears watching the emotional reunion.

Ms. Gonzales was choking back tears and said, "God answers prayers, thank you, God!" By the way, I learned that the person who saw the dog by the Pinkies immediately contacted Elisa Gonzales and kept Pepe occupied was Monica the "El Patio Motel" Manager. It only takes one person to make a difference.

Photo by: Facebook/Elkisa
Photo by: Facebook/Elkisa

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