Steve’s new song 'Hauled Off and Kissed Me' is a fun up-tempo tune that leads you in one direction, then Holy delivers the finishing blow from another direction, when the girl in the bar just hauled off and kissed him. While the video is not out yet the song will evoke a lot of visual ideas. Holy's previous monster single 'Good Morning Beautiful' stayed at the top of the country charts for five weeks in a row in 2002. He's hoping 'Hauled Off And Kissed Me' does the same thing.

Steve Holy is a Dallas Texas native that beat out 500 other area singers in the Johnnie High Country Review, the same contest that launched the career of LeAnn Rimes. Up until two years ago Steve had his nose to the grindstone, working constantly on his career. Holy took time off to return to his hometown and spend some quality time with his two daughters, Ava and Ella.

Holy said “It was time for me to go home, be a dad, regroup, and come out when I felt like I was able to put my best foot forward musically.” That time has come, and Holy is once again ready to conquer and live at the top of the music charts. Steve is now touring relentlessly, energizing audiences with his live performances, and climbing the charts with his top 20 single, “Love Don’t Run” and now with his new release “Hauled Off And Kissed Me.” If the old saying "the third time is a charm" holds any truth, Holy is poised for success. Holy says. “More than anything, I want to go as long as people want to hear me and hear what we have coming next.”

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This is Steve Holy's new song Hauled Off And Kissed Me