Has it been 20 years since we first heard those tight vocals from a then, new group that boasted they were from Texas? Lonestar, which is made up of Richie McDonald on lead vocals and piano, Michael Britt on lead guitar and background vocals, Keech Rainwater on drums and back-up vocals and Dean Sams handling keyboards, acoustic guitar and background vocals as well. As a  20 year anniversary celebration, Lonestar is marking it by touring, recording a new album and reuniting with lead vocalist Richie McDonald (who has been out trying to make it solo). The reunited band Lonestar, has just released their newest song called 'Maybe Someday.' Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

I think it sounds like vintage Lonestar, like they've been together for the last twenty years, like they haven't missed a beat. This multi-platinum country quartet is working overtime on an extensive anniversary tour, with nearly 100 dates scheduled already in the United States. Keyboard, vocalist and band organizer Dean Sams says

"20 years ago, when we put this band together to play in bars or wherever we just wanted to play our music and maybe make a little money, I dreamed it pretty good, but I never dreamed it quite this good."

Lonestar, known for over ten million albums sold and #1 songs like 'No News,' 'Come Crying To Me,' and their monster crossover smash-hit-song 'Amazed' (which was also #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the first record since 1983's "Islands in the Stream" to top both Pop and Country charts). The 2001 CMA Vocal Group of the Year is back and if you ask me sounding better than ever. Listen for the new song on air and welcome back Lonestar, we've missed you.

 This is Lonestar's new song 'Maybe Someday'