In the fall of 2006 at the top of every music chart and on most radios in America, we heard Carrie Underwood singing "Jesus, Take the Wheel." Not only did her song dominate country radio, but "Jesus, Take the Wheel" crossed over into several other genres of music. The song would go on to win Underwood many awards. 2006 also had other amazing songs like it.

Take a look at these top 5 songs from the fall of 2006

Carrie Underwood - "Jesus, Take The Wheel"

Heartland - "I Loved Her First"

Steve Holy - "Brand New Girlfriend"

Josh Turner - "Would You Go With Me"

Rodney Atkins - "If You're Going Through Hell"

Here are some interesting cost of living facts from 2006

  • Average Cost of new house $257,500
  • Inflation Rate in the USA was 3.24%
  • Average Income per year $46,996
  • Average cost of new car $23,296
  • Cost of a gallon of Gas $2.40
  • Interest Rates 5.189%
  • Loaf of Bread $1.60

What do you remember from 2006?