Zach Harmon Facebook photo.

Zach Harmon is a home town boy that knows all the back roads of Abilene, the way of life and the west Texas pace and Zach does an excellent job painting that picture, in his latest single 'Those Stars Still Shine.' The second you hear his song, you're sent back in time remembering all the old landmarks and things you did. As I listened I found myself smiling, remembering the old Town And Country Drive-in and how much simpler things were back then. Zach Harmon's got a hit song on his hands and as soon as you hear it, you'll agree.

Zach Harmon has been around for some time, playing in a metal band then playing country, he also competed in the 'KEAN Country Showdown' talent competition. Zach Harmon is a very talented musician, singer and songwriter. When Zach was looking to do a song about change and his home town of Abilene, he reached out to a friend and got a little help.

"This was so cool to me. I like having multiple writers on an album. That way it doesn't seem like one guy wrote the whole album. There is a different flavor to it. Well, the studio engineer introduced me to Greg Young and told him that I wanted a song that had to do with changes. He called me the next day with a song. He wrote this song over night. I thought that was so cool."


'Those Stars Still Shine' is from an upcoming album entitled 'Road to Nowhere' and is expected to be released soon. In the mean time turn up your speakers and get ready to relive some great memories, compliments of our home town boy Zach Harmon. Do you like it? Let me know what you think.

This is Zach Harmon's 'Those Stars Still Shine'