So, you may have heard the rain come down late last night then noticed your car covered in quite a bit of dirt this morning, but left with more questions than answers.

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First off, it did indeed rain last night, so you're not going crazy or anything. I look forward to the rain, especially so it can 'wash' my truck. Last night, however, was a totally different scenario. My truck was dirtier after the rain than it was before it rained.

Frank Pain
Frank Pain

Why did last night's rain leave my car so dirty?

Well, I learned this lesson many moons ago, thanks to a farmer friend of mine. Basically, high winds kicked up dirt from fields all over West Texas and the Panhandle.

As they say, what goes up must come down.

In order for this massive plume of dirt and dust to come back down to earth, it must be "washed out of the sky", so to speak. Once the rain starts falling, the drops catch dirt on the way down to earth. Said raindrops (and dirt) hit your car. Then comes the evaporation process.

After the rain dries up, your vehicle is left with all that dirt the rain brought down with it.

It's pretty simple, actually. No conspiracy theories. The world isn't coming to an end. Merely, dirt in the sky came down with the rain.

Basically, living in our area of the state will leave your vehicle dirty more times than not, so just wait for the next clean rain to wash that bad boy off.

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