Get ready to spend an evening with Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts' fame for the West Texas Rehab Center Dinner Show on Thursday, August 24th at the Abilene Convention Center. LeVox is the former lead singer of Rascal Flatts; he decided to go solo in 2020.

First off, Gary LeVox is not his real name. He was born Gary Wayne Vernon, Jr. While in a recording studio, he decided to take a "stage name" and adopted the moniker "LeVox" from the studio recording console. From that day forth he was known as Gary LeVox.

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I was not the least bit surprised when the Rehab Center announced that Gary LeVox was scheduled to be their featured entertainer for this year's dinner. Why was I not surprised?

I've known Gary LeVox for a couple decades. We attended the Country Radio Seminars together, and even back then he was always wanting to help out charity and nonprofit organizations. I know for a fact, Gary is a man of faith and he has a huge heart. He's said time and time again that "there's power in prayer."

If you have tickets to this show be prepared to be entertained. Gary will perform many of the songs he and Rascal Flatts are famous for (as seen in the videos below) as well as what he's been working on as a solo act.

To buy tickets in person, visit the West Texas Rehab Center at 4601 Hartford Ave. Tickets are also available online or at the Abilene Convention Center in advance.

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