Earlier this year my friend, DPS trooper, and PIO for the DPS Fred Biddle retired, that's when I got to meet Sergeant Marc Couch the new PIO for the Department of Public Safety here in Abilene and West Texas.

Sergeant Couch reached out to me and asked if we could spread the word that this Labor Day weekend, the Department of Public Safety will be on high alert and will have extra troopers on the highways and byways of the Lone Star State.

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Troopers will be looking for intoxicated drivers and anyone that is unbuckled. Mark said that "speeding is a major contributor to the recent fatal car crashes we've been seeing and hearing about on the West Texas roadways.

While the Tropers are all working to keep us safe, I know that this weekend ALL law enforcement agencies will be enforcing the laws. So, please play nice, buckle up, don't drink and drive, and be a safe courteous driver.

This Labor Day weekend, there will be an increase in law enforcement presence on the streets of Abilene and all around West Texas. It's not just the DPS, but all State, County, and City law enforcement agencies.

DPS Director Steven McCraw says,“Safety must always come first. That is especially true when more people are out on the roads, like this Labor Day weekend. Please remember to do your part by paying attention, buckling up and obeying all traffic laws and by all means do not drink and drive plan ahead."
Source: Sergeant Marc Couch, POI DPS.”


As we celebrate this Labor Day weekend, be aware that there will be an increase in law enforcement on the roads everywhere. They are looking for DUIs, people not wearing seat belts, speeders, road ragers, and drivers who fail to follow the state’s Move Over, Slow Down law, and all the other traffic laws for that matter.

Remember to have fun, drive safe, and have a fabulous Labor day weekend.

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