The Abilene Police Department is currently accepting applications for Police Cadets.  The application process will continue to run through July 23rd, 2023. The projected date of the next Police Academy will be January 2nd, 2024. Applications can be electronically submitted to the Abilene Police Department's website or All applications will be kept totally confidential.

I would love to be one of Abilene's finest, however, I'm a little shorthanded and I will not make it through the screening process because of my birth defect. Now, if you are interested and you can make it through the screening process you should apply. Some of the pre-screening requirements are listed below.

All Texans are encouraged to apply as starting pay is right at $60,000 while you're going through the Abilene Police Academy. After graduating from the police academy and your reclassification, your income jumps to over 65,000 a year and includes all benefits like
paid time off  (PTO), insurance, retirement, and lots more.

The academy is a very intense 29-week training program that takes place in Abilene Texas. Interestingly, the Abilene Police Academy is one of the few that is recognized as a professional, Progressive Academy with expert instructors.

An applicant must meet the following minimum standards by the date of hire unless a different date is indicated:
U.S. Citizen
Be at least twenty-one years of age by the date of commission or not more than forty-five years of age by the date of hire - OR -
Be at least eighteen years of age, AND:
a- Have an associates degree or sixty semester hours of credit from an accredited college or university - OR -
b- Have received an honorable discharge from the armed forces of the United States with at least two years of active service.
Has graduated from high school or completed the general educational development (GED) test
Successfully pass a Civil Service Exam
Has the ability to fluently read, write, and speak the English language
Excellent health and physical condition
Possess a valid Texas driver's license without restrictions other than eyeglass restrictions (Code A)
Is not addicted to narcotics and does not indulge in excessive use of intoxicants
Has never been convicted of a Class A misdemeanor or any felony at any time
Is not under indictment for any criminal offense
Has never executed at any time a confession to a felony offense, such confession being admissible as evidence
against the person in any criminal proceeding in any state or federal court
Has not been convicted of family violence
Has not been convicted or been on court-ordered community supervision for any Class B misdemeanor within the last ten years
Has not been discharged from military service under less than honorable conditions

If you meet the above requirements and it sounds like something you want to do apply from right here, today. Check out the Abilene police department's video below.

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