My friend Sergeant Marc A. Couch of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) asked me to remind anyone driving anywhere in the state this Labor Day weekend to drive safe and please obey all the laws. Most importantly, he said: "Please DO NOT drink and drive."

I spoke with sheriffs in three counties as well as our own police department and they all had a very similar message to share. Drive safe, "click-it or ticket", slow down, and don't drink and drive. If it seems they are pushing the don't drink and drive issue, it might have something do with the new DWI/DUI laws going into effect this week.

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The new laws include bigger fines and extra charges that include protecting our children. If a DWI fatality happens, the driver will be made responsible for child support of the deceased person's children.

Law enforcement will be concentrating on enforcing ALL laws this weekend. So please play nice and be safe. Here are some of the laws we don't want to be breaking this weekend - or ever.

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There will be an increased law enforcement presence on the streets all around the Lone Star State this weekend. This includes not only the DPS but all other state, county, and city law enforcement agencies.

Texas DPS will be increasing enforcement efforts during designated periods throughout the holiday weekend.

DPS Sergeant Mark Crouch says, "the DPS is reminding everyone that safety always comes first, while long weekends are a time to get out and enjoy, we all need to do our part to keep roads safe, and that is why Troopers will be out ensuring everyone is following the traffic laws.”
Source: Sergeant Mark Crouch, Texas Department of  Public Safety Education PIO

As we celebrate this Labor Day weekend, I want to remind listeners that there will be an increase in law enforcement in and around Abilene. The DPS said they are increasing their enforcement from Friday, September 1, through Monday, September 4 at midnight. They are looking for people who have been drinking, are not wearing seatbelts, are speeding or road-raging, and those failing to follow the state’s "Move Over, Slow Down" law.

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