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Governor Greg Abbott just announced that he and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) will be providing over $300 million for the emergency Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food benefits for January. The funds are expected to help more than 1.5 million Texas households.

"This emergency SNAP allotment will ensure that 1.5 million families will be able to put food on the table," said Governor Abbott. "Thanks to the support from the USDA who is continuing to provide healthy meals through the HHSC, thus feeding families across Texas."

Texas HHS Access and Eligibility Services Deputy Executive Commissioner Wayne Salter said “this allows Texans start 2022 with food on the table for themselves and their children.”

HHSC got the federal funds that were approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) thus extending the amount allowed for SNAP recipients based on the size of the family, and all SNAP households will receive a minimum of $95 in emergency funds monthly. This additional emergency allotment should appear in recipients’ accounts by January 31, 2022.

Here Are the Allowable Maximum Monthly Income Limits To Be Able To Get SNAP

The following gives you a general idea of the amount of income that most families can make in order to receive help from the HHSC and the SNAP program.

Photo By Rudy Fernandez
Photo By Rudy Fernandez
Other Rules To Meet<br />Most people ages 16 to 59 must follow work rules to get SNAP benefits. Work rules mean a person must look for a job or be in an approved work program. If the person has a job, they can’t quit without a good reason.

If you are needing assistance and would like to apply for the Lone Star Card and/or the SNAP assistance program. You can do it all online and I'm told the process is easy and self-explanatory. Go online to HHS.Texas.Gov and follow the link to instructions on how to apply for Texas Simplified Application Project (TSAP).

HHSC and SNAP are federal programs that provide food assistance for eligible low-income families in Texas. To apply for benefits, including Lone Star Card, SNAP, and/or  Medicaid, visit or visit them at 4601 S 1st Suite # L, Abilene.

Photo by: Google Maps
Photo by: Google Maps

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