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A lot has changed in America since 2012. Ten years later we are all looking in the mirror and wondering what happened. Texas ranked number 10 on the heavier end of the fatness scale. We somehow managed to gain quite a bit of weight since 2012.

Apparently, we are NOT working on getting it off either. I for one lost over 151 pounds (before the pandemic) only to gain 30 pounds back, after a shoulder injury (I'm blaming it on my doctor for putting me on steroids lol). Nonetheless, I haven't been back to the Fieldhouse to see my trainers either, but I'm not alone.

Congratulations are in order, the state of Florida did not gain any weight in the last decade.

Apparently, there was only one state in the USA that didn't move the scale within the last decade. Congrats go to the state of Florida for not gaining any weight, but then again they have all those white sandy beaches to go hang out in instead of finding the newest restaurant in town.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, "the average estimated annual medical cost for an obese person in Texas is about $1,400 higher than a normal weight person." Furthermore, Texas holds the #41 positioning in the order of the obesity changes over the last 10 years, with a 5% increase, making The Lone Star State among the biggest weight gainers. I've heard that everything is bigger in Texas.

How did Taylor County fare in the obesity rankings? Well, not good and not bad. Taylor County was in the middle (sort of.) Taylor county was #146 out of 254 counties and we were 8% more obese than in 2012 which is lower than Presidio Counties' 20% obesity.

Here are the Texas County by County breakdowns according to Bar Bends:

The top 5 Texas counties that have fared best over the past 10 years:

  1. Kaufman: flat
  2. Travis: flat
  3. Parker: 1% more obese
  4. Dallas: 2% more obese
  5. Denton: 2% more obese

The bottom 5 Texas counties that have fared worst over the past 10 years:

  • 250) Willacy: 16% more obese
  • 251) Zavala: 16% more obese
  • 252) Hidalgo: 18% more obese
  • 253) Starr: 18% more obese
  • 254) Presidio: 20% more obese than in 2012

The full breakdown of the Texas county rankings is available at When analyzed nationally, Texas counties actually occupy the bottom five for growth in obesity in the USA, thanks to Kauffman, Travis, Parker, Dallas, and Denton counties. For more fattening, or rather frightening numbers check out County health rankings and Public Health Crisis.

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