one-armed outdoorsman

No Trespassing Purple
In Texas, a purple painted post, gate or tree equals 'No Trespassing'. It's been Texas law since 1997 and disobeying it is considered criminal trespassing.
Cooking on a Campfire
In this One-Armed Outdoorsman I bring two previous OAO projects together. The Survival Food and the Campfire in a Can. If you're outdoors and hungry being prepared will help and so will this video.
Repelling Mosquitoes
In this One-Armed Outdoorsman video, learn how to repel mosquitoes naturally. put together a list of plants that mosquitoes hate. Check it out.
Making Survival Food
Preparing your own survival food is easy and relatively inexpensive. Most of what needs to go into a 'one meal food bag' you probably already own. Check it out.
Rudy Tests LifeStraw
If you've ever been stuck outdoors with nothing to drink, you might resort to life threatening measures just to get a drink. Well, here's something that could save your life, its called a LifeStraw.
Filter Nasty Creek Water
In survival situations, I believe water, fire, food and shelter are the key to survival. In this video, I'll show you how to making dirty water clean and drinkable by using tampons as a first stage filtration system. Check it out.
How to Make a Campfire in a Can
I discovered how to make the perfect campfire in a can. Here's what you'll need, get yourself a quart-sized metal paint can, a roll of toilet paper and a quart of rubbing alcohol. Now watch how it's done.
How to Sharpen a Knife
I was hunting and my pocket knife was dull, what I needed was a sharp knife. Here's a great solution, use your vehicle's window, it's the perfect knife sharpener.
Rudy Pitches a Tent in Less Than a Minute
It's no secret to those who know me that I love the great outdoors. What I don't care for is the pitching a tent that needs three people with engineering degrees to put it together. So when I heard that there was a tent that could be put up in "about a minute" I was all e…

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