Last year 306 Texans died of heat-related causes and heatstroke. Some health experts are predicting that this year's numbers will jump by at least a hundred or more. An idea I devised a few years ago could help those in dire need of a way to cool off. It's as easy as putting a battery-powered fan and a few cups of ice together in what I call an "air conditioner for a tent".

This portable air conditioner is simple to make, and really cheap, and it works. Let me explain - I love to make my One-Armed Outdoorsman YouTube videos. While I was working on my last video "How to Make a Tent Out of a Trash Bag", I asked my wife why she dislikes camping so much.

She gave me two good reasons. #1 was bugs, and #2, she can't sleep in a tent outdoors because it's just too hot. Fast forward to the reason for this video on "How to Make an Air Conditioner for a Tent".

You'll need a few items, about $15, and thirty minutes of your time. To begin, find some freezer packs and a styrofoam cooler (my wife works in the medical field and has access to these styrofoam coolers that are delivered packed full of meds). As you'll see, with a little work, some schedule-40 PVC elbows, and a battery-powered fan, your tent-friendly air-conditioner can come to life. The rest can be seen in the above video.

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