Many survival experts argue, "what's the most important part in a survival situation water, fire, food or shelter?" I believe all four are equal and key to survival. Here's my way of making dirty water clean and drinkable using tampons.

What you'll need to store in your backpack or blowout bags are a hand full of feminine hygiene products. Tampons make for a very simple, first stage water filtration system.

First, make sure you get the 'unscented' kind. The extra and super absorbent work even better. I always use two that I've unfolded, combined  and stuffed in a bottles opening.

Let the two tampons get wet so expansion can begin, give it about five minutes. Once they've expanded turn opening side down and hold it over a clean container or pan you'll use to boil the 'filtered water' in.

Then cut the bottom off that bottle and use is as your funnel filter. While you've removed all the larger particles, any bacteria in the filtered water will remain. The final step is to boil your water for five minutes, let it cool and enjoy.

The video above will show you the basic steps you'll need, to begin your own 'tampon water filtration system'.

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