Rudy Tests A Few Different Fire Starters

I tested some fire starters to see if they worked and to see if I could do it. One in-particular brand new devise is called the "Everstryke Match."

during the last snow freeze, we had here in West TX knowing how to start a fire came in very handy when I was caught out by the horse stalls where my daughter keeps her horse. I did not have a match or a lighter on me. Fortunately, on my keychain, I had a Flint stick and a striker in the back seat of my truck I also had A roll of toilet tissue.

After thinking it through for a few seconds I was able to start a fire underneath one of the metal water troughs to help melt the ice. These are not just for when you're wanting to show off to friends that you can start a fire but they come in handy when you need fire.

Another is my old-time favorite a magnesium rod fire starter, and I know it works because I've been using it since I was a scout. As I like to say "if I can do it with one arm and these things, imagine what you can do with two arms and these things, never give up!" Check out this One Arm Challenge.

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