If you've ever been stuck outdoors with nothing to drink, you might resort to life threatening measures just to get a drink. Well, here's something that could save your life, its called a LifeStraw.

In the last One-Armed Outdoorsman, I filtered nasty creek water using a tampon. I was going to test the LifeStraw with the same water. Until I got a message on my Facebook from a scout's mom saying "The Boy Scout's have a way recycling urine. My son knows how to do it."

That's when I thought, LifeStraw claims to filter out 99.9% of protozoa and 99.9999% bacteria, E. Coli and a list of others. So, I put my LifeStraw to the test by drinking my own urine. Watch the video above to see how the LifeStraw performs.

Disclaimer: Do not try the activities performed in this video at home as personal injury or damage may result. Accordingly, the product/products used are not intended as represented in the video.

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