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Because of the recent wildfires throughout the state of Texas, I have developed a deeper respect and keep volunteer firefighters in my prayers every day. The fact that they give up their regular jobs and risk their lives to volunteer, and help put out the range fires burning wildly throughout West Texas. To me, that is a real hero.

The Sweetwater Jaycees also see all firefighters as heroes as well. Thus, the reason for this brilliant idea to host a "Hero Festival 2022" in Sweetwater, Texas. This festival will recognize, celebrate and bring awareness to the area volunteer firefighters.

The Hero Festival 2022 benefits Nolan County Volunteer Fire Departments

The "Hero Festival 2022" will also serve as a fundraiser to help the Nolan County volunteer fire departments that have exhausted all their resources and funds to help fight the fires that we recently had here.

You too can help honor the West Texas volunteer firefighters by participating in the Hero Festival that will feature a mix of live music from Walt and Tina Wilkins, Mark Wayne Hagwood, and the Texas Tumbleweed Band on Friday night June 17th at the Sweetwater Jaycee Barn.

This concert is being presented by the Sweetwater House Concert Association and the Sweetwater Jaycees. I was told by Scott Morgan that this fundraiser is a BYOB event and that your $30 ticket not only gets you into the "Hero Festival 2022" but also includes your choice of a steak dinner or a pasta dinner.

For more details and or ticket information please contact the Sweetwater Chamber at 325-235-5488.

Photo by: Scott Morgan / Sweetwater Jaycees
Photo by: Scott Morgan / Sweetwater Jaycees

Organizers of the "Hero Festival 2022" say that this is a concert and a dance and you should wear your best dancing shoes. The doors will open at 6 pm, and the dinner and music will begin at 7 pm.

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