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It's well known that when anybody calls on the ECCA Volunteer Fire Department, they all come running. Well, the ECCA Volunteer FD is needing us to return the favor. They have been in dire need of a new fire station and community center. While there's a lot of work before it's completed there are still a ton of donations they are in dire need of.

This year they are printing ONLY 400 tickets and no more will be printed or allowed in. So get your tickets early and come hungry as there will be tons of great food to sample and lots of auction items. Let us not forget the awesome door prizes from the $50 cash every hour to the incredible Ruger Ranch Mini 30 rifle.

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Fire Chief Gary Young says their newest fire trucks don't fit inside the old, outdated ECCA fire station, the stalls are too short and narrow. Young says "we need a new fire station to accommodate the updated newer equipment and bigger trucks.

While construction is well underway it is slow going and the entire project is needing more and more funds to get the new station completed. Is it a coincidence that construction began the very minute Gary stopped into our radio studio to talk about their major fundraiser last year?

Chief Young had just gotten the words out of his mouth that the foundation needed to be laid out, formed, and poured but he didn't know when. Then, his phone went off alerting him to the good news. Now, look at the attached photos to see the progress of the new firehouse. The smile on Gary's face is that of contentment and satisfaction that this project is almost, but not quite finished. To say that Chief Gary is happy is an understatement.

The question now is, how are they going to continue building and paying for the new firehouse? The Answer is, with their annual fundraiser called the Wild/Mild Bunch Bonanza Saturday, January 28th. The reason for the Wild to Mild name change is because as Gary says, "we're all getting older and there ain't nothing wild about us."

So if you're in the mood for some great food, awesome music, and an exciting auction. Saturday afternoon has your name written all over it. Tickets can be purchased at:


  1. Coronado's Camp FM-89 & HWY 277
  2. The Muffle Shoppe 1141 S. Treadaway
  3. Or Gary Young at 325-669-9110.

Call to buy tickets, donate cash, or auction items. Now is the time for all of us to help the Ecca Volunteer Fire Department.

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