Wow, I thought I'd seen and heard everything until I ran across this on Facebook-Al Gilberti, and the NY Post about a 70-year-old man who decided to go looking for love by using a giant billboard advertising his desire for a romantic companion. The Lamar billboard can be seen in Sweetwater, Texas, and features a photo of Al's smiling face.

The billboard reads, "Lonely Male Can Relocate Sweetwater" and "Seeks Female Marriage Minded, Enjoys Karaoke." Al's bold move has already gotten the attention of thousands and he's received over 400 calls and 50 emails already. Plus he's posted on his YouTube channel as seen below his musical abilities.

Gilberti, who is originally from Burlington, Vermont, is a band promoter, and his love for karaoke is a "must-have" part of the deal. Although the majority of calls he's received have been from people interested in his financial situation, and/or people just wanting money from him.

Although Al is remaining optimistic about finding "Mrs Right." He has made his desires clear, and he says "They are non-negotiables!" Gilberti says these are a must-have: #1-loyalty, #2-honesty, and #3-sincerity. Al is even willing to open to relocate if he needs to. Al is just interested in finding the love of his life according to what Texas Monthly posted online.

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While Al's approach is a bit strange, his desire is not that strange just doing research for this article I posted on Google search "Lonely Male Can Relocate Sweetwater" Google search spit out a dozen dating websites that are offering what Mr. Gilberti is looking for.

Al told the New York Post, "My advertisement has attracted some who may seek financial gain. That's not what I was looking for." Al has reached out to a friend to help him sort through all the interested respondents.

The billboards are costing Gilberti around $400 a week, and he and his friend manage the phone messages to respond. Al is optimistic and he believes that Mrs. Wonderful is out there somewhere. Good luck Al looking for love in Sweetwater places.

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