About a month and a half ago, I posted a blog about the Abilene city council considering some changes to the city ordinances that would have made owning a dog a bit more costly. In an effort to get a better perspective as to how the people of Abilene feel on these issues, Rescue the Animals, a non-profit proactive animal rights organization founded in Abilene, has just posted a survey on their website. Their intention is to deliver the results to the Mayor and the city council.   
Rescue founder Paul Washburn said, "I believe that the new laws the council was considering, may have just affected, only the 'law abiding' citizens and not the real law breakers" he went on to say "I firmly believe that some people will be forced to go without the required rabies vaccinations and city license because of a increase in fees." Now, if you ask my opinion, I believe that the only reason the Mayor and Abilene city council tabled the whole thing is because it's an election year, I think we'll here more about this, once they're re-elected.
How do you feel about these issues? Do higher fines cause you to make sure your dog has its shots? If your dog is not fixed will you pay an extra fee 'every year' just to have a dog that can reproduce?