rescue the animals

The Fur Ball 2020
The Fur Ball is Abilene's only dinner-dance for people and their dogs to benefit Rescue The Animals SPCA, at the Abilene Convention Center Feb. 15th, 2020.
Rescue the Animals 5k
Don't miss the fun at the 'Jane Hill 5k Run & 1 Mile Walk' to benefit Rescue the Animals, SPCA of Abilene. This fun 5k for humans and their dogs will be at the Dog Park in Abilene.
Emergency Cat Adoption
Rescue the Animals is holding an emergency cat adoption for 20 cats from an area humane society that shut down. The adoption is this weekend July 16th & 17th.
Huge Pet Adoption
The Abilene Animal Shelter, Rescue the Animals and several big country rescue organizations are putting on a huge "Spring Pet Adoption". Every dog, cat, kitten and puppy within 19 counties will be at the Shops of Abilene parking lot, March 28th and 29th. Here's more details.
Abilene Animal Shelter
The Abilene Animal Services Shelter is offering a special "Home for the Holidays" price discount, some pets are only $20. If you've been searching for that perfect companion, now is the time because the animal shelter is overflowing with cats and dogs, kittens and puppies. Bes…
Animal Adoption Event
Abilene Animal Services, Rescue the Animals and several Humane societies and animal shelters from around the big country will gather this weekend for a huge animal adoption event. Every dog, cat, kitten and puppy within 19 counties will be in Abilene for Oct 3rd & 4th near the corner of Catc…
Animal Abuse
Rescue The Animals (RTA)/SPCA in Abilene responded to a call of animal abuse near Gorman, Texas. SPCA Investigator Mindi Qualls says "it's the worst case ever of animal abuse that I have ever come upon." Mindi told me that, what she found was a nightmare and it made her physically ill. Aft…
Jumpy the Border Collie
Omar von Muller is one of the most successful, most respected animal trainers in America. Can you believe that his dog Jumpy the Border Collie mix, famous for his roles in the TV show NCIS was once rescued from an animal shelter. Jumpy is considered legendary in the motion picture and television ind…

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