Top 5 Games You Loved in Elementary School
With the start of another school year I am reminded of the many different school house games like tag, red light green light, mother may I, stick ball, dodgeball, kickball or king of the hill. Here's a list of five popular games amongst grade school kids...
5 Things We Hate About Facebook
Facebook has become a worldwide obsession. I know, because even my mother has a Facebook page. But with every cool thing in the world there are drawbacks. Here, we've given a list of the 5 most ridiculous things we hate about Facebook. Please feel free to comment below.
Top 5 Places in Abilene to Get Cool Food in the Summer Heat
With the summer days getting hotter, it seems our appetites are diminishing quite a bit. I know that during the summer, I tend to eat out less, for the simple fact that, the heat takes it out of me and nothing really sounds good. So, I compiled a list of places that do sound good, even in the dead heat of summer...
The Legend and Superstition of the Owl
I've been reading a murder mystery lately that has an "owl" in the mix. The murderer has placed a plastic owl at the scene of the crime and now it's up to the investigator to figure out the meaning behind the owl. I remembered from my college literature classes discussing crows, owls and other birds and there omens. So I decided to research it a little more because some see owls as "
Abilene Weighs in on the Right Age to Start Leaving Kids Home Alone
Recently, I posed a question that parents everywhere need to answer at some point in time: "What's the youngest age you can leave kids home alone?". We took calls and discussed it on the website and Facebook, and there were some interesting opinions shared in our conversations, so we put together a poll to see where Abilene stands on the subject. The results are in.
Favorite Children’s Stories – Shay’s Top 5

I'm a reader so I always like to get books for kids. I don't think kids are read to enough anymore. I remember my mom used to read us Little Golden Books, my favorite was The Poky Little Puppy. There are books that contain a variety of children's stories and usually you can find all your favorites in one spot. Here are my top 5 children's stories.

What’s Your All Time Favorite Movie Quote? [VIDEO]
I know a couple of people who could probably go an entire week speaking in nothing but movie quotes. You probably know someone like that, too. The guy at work who seems to quote a movie with every conversation, or finishes emails with "Stay gold, Ponyboy", and always seems to have what he thinks is the perfect quote to draw the parallel between film and real life. I believe there's a lit
5 Things You Need to Remember When Getting a New Puppy
Our family just welcomed in a new member. Her name is Penny, and she's currently fits in the palm of my hand. We already have 2 other dogs, so my wife and I figured adding a third would be no big deal. We've raised dogs from puppies before, so this would be a piece of cake, right? It seems there are a few things we've forgotten about having a new puppy in the house, so I'm here to share what we are re-learning in my household.
Are You On YouTube? You Might Want to Check [VIDEO]
As part of my job, I regularly visit and search YouTube. I'm really impressed with the variety of information that intermingles on this video sharing website. It never fails that when I'm looking for an obscure musician, a highlight reel of a high school football player, an old television commercial, or a funny dog video set to banjo music, more often than not, I can find it on YouTube.

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