Earlier in the day the City of Abilene notified all residents in the northern portion of the city that there was a raw water leak near East Lake Road. Early on City officials said they did not expect any outages at this time and they were NOT expecting to issue a boil water notification at that time.

City officials and the city workers worked diligently to contain the leak and repair the damaged area. I began getting phone calls at the radio station from concerned citizens well before lunchtime about the water leak and whether they should fill their bathtubs in the event of an outage or a boil water notification being issued.

As it worked out the City of Abilene Water Department got everything fixed and back to working condition within hours and there was no need for concern. I say that with pride because the City of Abilene's Water Department has picked up several awards over the past few years for its hard work in keeping Abilene's drinking water safe and tasting good.

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A few years ago The City of Abilene's Water Department walked away with several awards and accreditations. During the 2021 Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) "Public Drinking Water Recognition Program," municipalities from all across Texas were judged for their Tap Water Quality, cleanest water, Best Tasting Water, and a host of others. Abilene walked away with a couple of those prestigious awards for cleanest, and the Best Tasting Water in the Lone Star State.

As for today, the Abilene Water Department worked their butts off to keep all of Abilene supplied with good, clean, great-tasting water. So, a big ole thank you to our City leaders and workers for keeping us hydrated.

So the final word from the City is this:  "Update: Earlier today, the City of Abilene managed to restore its water treatment capacity following the detection of reduced raw water flow and pressure on Wednesday morning. The system is now functioning normally, ensuring uninterrupted water service for customers with no change in the treated water quality. For further updates, please stay informed by following the City of Abilene on abilenetx.gov/notifyme and its social media channels."
Source: City of Abilene - News & Events

Keep in mind, that water leaks can occur at any time of day or night, as the City of Clyde recently had a "Water Boil Notification" issued and was recently lifted. Nonetheless, you can rest assured the City of Abilene Texas is "on top of it."

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