I'm a reader so I always like to get books for kids. I don't think kids are read to enough anymore. I remember my mom used to read us Little Golden Books, my favorite was The Poky Little Puppy. There are books that contain a variety of children's stories and usually you can find all your favorites in one spot. Here are my top 5 children's stories.

  • amazon.com/Harper Collins
    amazon.com/Harper Collins

    Where The Wild Things Are

    This is a book for everyone, it was even made into a movie not too long ago. It's about a kid named Max who has a big imagination. He goes on a wild rumpus and gets sent to bed without supper where he begins this imaginary tale of being in a forest with the wild things. It's a super cute book that is great to spark the imagination in your child.

  • amazon.com/Random House Books for Young Readers
    amazon.com/Random House Books for Young Readers

    Are You My Mother?

    "Are you my mother?" is a question asked by a small bird when he falls from the nest while mom is out getting worms. He wanders to everyone and everything he can think of, even an airplane, and asks "are you my mother?" Finally the little bird finds his real mom, but he goes on quite an adventure in doing so.

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    Goodnight Moon

    Once your kids read this book they will be telling everything goodnight. The book has a great rhyming scheme that is comforting and it also makes going to bed easier by telling everything goodnight. It somehow makes the objects in the room more friendly. If that big chest of drawers seems like a monster when the light goes out, telling it "goodnight"making it a friend it's easier to sleep. Any child of any age can read this book or have it read to them, it's timeless.

  • amazon.com/Brighter Child
    amazon.com/Brighter Child

    Three Little Pigs

    I just liked this book as a kid because it was suspenseful. Will the little pigs make it to the next house and be safe or will the big bad wolf get them? My grandmother didn't read this book to us but instead would "tell" us the story. We used to laugh at her and the way she played the big bad wolf, she would literally huff and puff and blow as hard as she could. I can't tell you how many times she had to tell that story, but she never complained. I think she loved to tell this story and make us laugh.

  • amazon.com/Golden Books
    amazon.com/Golden Books

    The Poky Little Puppy

    This is my all time favorite, I loved the little puppy, he was just so cute. I was in a children's store not long ago and saw this book and found that they now even come with a stuffed animal that looks like the puppy. I wanted one! This book is celebrating it's 65th year in print and it's reign as the best selling picture book of all time. I don't find this book to be so much about being lazy as it is about stopping and smelling the roses, taking things in and just enjoying the journey.

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