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The annual event titled the "Robert E. Howard Days" are returning to Cross Plains, Texas. Robert Ervin Howard (REH) was a famous American author that was born in Peaster, Texas but was raised throughout Texas and settled and died in Cross Plains.

Howard became well known for his pulp fiction, sword, and sorcery writing styles. REH may well be better known for his character "Conan the Barbarian" amongst his other writings which may be some dark-side spookier tales.

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The saddest part of Robert Howard's life story is when he and his father (a traveling oil boom days doctor) were tending to Howards' mom who had been in a coma. It was upon Robert E. Howard hearing from his mom's tending nurse that his mother was in her last few hours, was too much for him to handle, so he took his own life just outside the Howard house.

While REH had always sought refuge in his writings, he could not handle the loss of his mother who passed just hours after REH died. However, after Howard died, the New York Times had highlighted one of his writings in the 'Best Sellers" list. Howard's star was rising.

Not long after Howards' death, he became a famous author and developed a fowling of all his previous works. To this day the young aspiring writer is celebrated by his fans. He started writing in his mid-teens and as an adult aspired to be a professional boxer. Nonetheless, his writing skills won.

<strong>The 22nd Annual 'Howard Days' Are June 10th and 11th in Cross Plains</strong>

The annual "Robert E. Howard Days" will be celebrated at the Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains on Friday, June 10th, and Saturday, June 11th, 2022. The events range from early in the morning until late in the evening.

This annual event that was postponed the last couple of years due to the pandemic, is being hosted by the 'Robert E. Howard Foundation' and the 'Cross Plains Project Pride' organization. This year, there will be museum tours, and panel discussions on how REH influenced the gaming industry. There will also be tabletop gaming at tables in the Museum yard all day on both days.

Plus a silent auction of Howard-related items, and the showing of the movie “The Whole Wide World” on Friday night at Treadway Park in Cross Plains.

The best part is that all the events and activities are free. Call the Project Pride for more information at 254-725-4993, or see the Robert E. Howard Days Facebook page or the Cross Plains Project Pride Facebook page.

Photo by: Facebook / Robert E. Howards Days
Photo by: Facebook / Robert E. Howards Days

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