Best Books of 2014 According to Amazon
Many of us enjoy getting lost in a book; whether it be fantasy, romance, real life or thriller. There is something out there for all of us and Amazon has compiled their list of best books of 2014. Then I have added a few of my own.
Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List
Summer time is fast approaching. School will be out, vacations are on the horizon, lazy days by the pool and you need a good book to read to accompany all of these occasions. I put together a list of a few books that I'm told are 'must reads'...
Books With a Letter Missing Are Better Than the Originals
Remember that time that #BooksWithALetterMissing was trending on Twitter, and it was hilarious? No, because your life consists of more than clicking around the internet all day searching for meaning in your life that you're never going to find? Well, let us tell you -- it was indeed hilarious.
6 Modern Horror Movies as ’80s Young Adult Novels
In the late '80s/early '90s, how many of you were glued to books by people like Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine and A. Bates? Long before 'Twilight,' these young adult authors were churning out sordid tales of psycho teenage killers, body-switching beautiful girls and revenge fantas…
8 Pop Culture Romance Novels We Wish Were Real
This Valentine’s Day, millions will cuddle up with their cats and a box of Dove bars and sink into a juicy romance novel. Wouldn’t it be far more interesting if romance novels contained the complexity, suspense and intrigue of our favorite TV shows and movies? Below, our noblest attempts at visual f…

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