Many of us enjoy getting lost in a book; whether it be fantasy, romance, real life or thriller. There is something out there for all of us and Amazon has compiled their list of best books of 2014. Then I have added a few of my own.

The editors at Amazon read almost 500 books just to come up with their list of Top 10 books for the year. I, did not read that many books but I have a few suggestions for you, nonetheless. Let's look at the Amazon list first. top books of 2014 via press release.

I can't say that I've read any of these on their list but the #1 book, Everything I Never Told You,  is currently out of stock and on back order so it must be pretty good. It's a story about a teenage girl, from the Midwest, in a mixed-race family during the '70s. When Lydia (no spoiler) dies the family is forced to confront secrets that have pulling them apart.  I will be checking this book out, once it's available again!

Redeployment and The Book of Unknown Americans will definitely be on my list to read now too. Redeployment is a war story that follows a soldier from the front lines to life after deployment and struggles one goes through coming back to suburbia. The Book of Unknown Americans is the story of a Mexican family whose daughter in injured in an accident and their journey to America in search of opportunities and resources to help their daughter. They meet many families that have come here for different reasons and you hear from all of them in this book.

Some others you might want to check out that I enjoyed were Natchez Burning from Greg Iles and Gone Girl from Gillian Flynn. These are both great reads that draw you in from the first paragraph. If you have any good suggestions please leave them in the comments below.

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