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Weather and Wild Fires in West Texas are Reason Enough to Have a Preparedness Plan
Before the month of September passes us by, I think we should all participate in 'National Preparedness Month' as it's designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). We all know how fast and how bad the weather gets here in West Texas. If (heaven forbid), a tornado or flood should hit or a wild-fire takes your home, are you ready? Here's a couple of my ideas and what FEMA recommends
Pictures from the West Texas Animal Rescue [GALLERY]
The preliminary numbers from this weekends West Texas Animal Rescue are just in, over 200 cats, dogs, puppies and kittens all have new homes, over 500 pets were micro-chipped and nearly 800 pets got their vaccinations. Nonetheless, pet owners are proud of their animals as we snapped pictures of your fur covered family members.
Bluebonnets of West Texas [PICTURES]
Spring time in West Texas means wild flowers and in particular Bluebonnets. Everybody takes their pictures with the bluebonnets and usually some old piece of farm equipment in the background.
West Texas Fire Ants May Have a New Enemy [VIDEO]
If there's one thing I hate about Spring in west Texas, it's the fire-ants. This weekend I worked on my lawnmower and when I least expected it, my wife and I were being attacked by thousands of fire ants. So I hit the internet in search of ways to rid myself of these pests, when I discovered that I need some flies. Yes, but not just any fly will do, I need a Phorid Fly.

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