The American Cancer Society has added a new dynamic to this year's Cattle Baron's Ball to help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer and allows our Dude Crew to be more involved.

We have a group of men that help out each year with the setting up and taking down of our event. Mostly, they do the heavy lifting, but they don't get much recognition for their hard work. They are also our husbands/fiances/boyfriends/sons/brothers who stand by us and our commitment to this amazing effort each year. So this year we wanted them to have a more prominent role in helping raise money for cancer awareness, but we wanted to have fun too.

Our guys will be part of the #RealMenWearPink campaign to raise money for breast cancer and one lucky fellow will be named our new Baron of the Ball. It's easy to do and the guy who raises the most money will receive the title, plus the satisfaction of knowing they've helped a great cause.

We need your participation though to make this a success. Head over to the Abilene Cattle Baron's Ball web page, choose the person you want to vote for from the drop down menu and make a donation. Each guy will be posting pics of them wearing pink on Facebook over the next couple of weeks in their campaign to earn money and votes.

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