Josh Grider is doing is part to help raise money for cancer through his No Shave November Team. The money raised is donated to the American Cancer Society. Josh is hoping you will join the team and help the fight.

Many cancer patients loose their hair when going through treatment so the idea behind No Shave November is to let your hair grow and take the money you would use on products, waxes, haircuts etc and donate it to the American Cancer Society.

Josh states on his Facebook page that he 'hates shaving and he hates cancer so I started a team. Join up, or throw some coin to the cause!'. Even if you can't grow out your hair, facial or otherwise, because of your job or you just don't want to, you can still give to the cause. Simply make a donation.

If you do want to join Josh's team click here and sign up. Oh, and ladies, you can join too. Think how awesome it would be to not have to shave those legs for the whole month of November!!!