Everybody likes Life Hacks and DIY's right? Then you should check out the Abilene DIY and Life Hacks Facebook Group where you can share information with others and maybe learn something in return.

Myself and co-workers are always finding little life-hack/DIY projects to share on our website. Now we have a Facebook platform to share those ideas as well as receive tips and ideas.

You will find things like easy ways to peel a potato, ways to make extra room in your closet, how to redo a table and chair set and more. My co-worker Chaz has also started providing some 'man-hacks' there too. In his latest video he shows you how to remove a stripped out screw using a rubber band.

Admission to the group is easy, just send a request to join. Then you can start sharing some of your favorite tips and projects too. Videos, blogs, and more are welcome.

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