I've been crafting again; this time making hand painting wine glasses. They are super cute, make great gifts and are fairly easy to do. Check out the video as I walk you through the steps of making your own hand painted glass.

I started doing these because I was trying to make money for a charity. To my surprise I had quite a few friends ordering a number of glasses with different themes. I've done beach scenes, sports teams, Texas inspired themes, flowers, butterflies and more. What you put on them is limitless and you can find some great ideas on Pinterest, of course.

Once you've chosen your theme, you will want to paint the glass with a special paint made especially for 'glass'; I use an enamel. When you finish your painting let the glass air cure for at least 2 days, then oven cure it to make it dishwasher safe. Directions for this are on the paint bottle.

In my video I show you how to paint a Yankees themed glass that I'm making for a co-worker. I hope this inspires you to make some great future gifts. Have fun!

How to Hand Paint a Wine Glass

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