With Halloween just around the corner I thought you might need a few snack ideas that are quick and easy. I sifted through Pinterest and some cooking websites and found some really cute ideas using pretzels. I chose 5 to share with you that I thought were really cute.

These take different kinds of pretzels so you could just chose a couple to do or if you really want to be awesome you could do them all. The three types of pretzels are the rods, sticks and twists. Then you will need some colored candy melts or you can use almond bark (white and chocolate), gel food coloring and maybe some sprinkles but those are optional.

You can make skeleton bones, spider webs, pumpkins and ghosts or mummies. These are so easy you can even get the kiddos to help out. Check out the video and see how cute these treats turn out.

How to Make Quick and Easy Halloween Treats

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