It's time again for my viral videos. The three I've chosen are crazy stunts people try in public. Escalator spinning at the mall, making your friend into a human slingshot, and a redneck slip 'n slide. People find the strangest ways to entertain themselves.

The escalator has long been a fascination with many people, usually it's the younger folks but some grown ups (and I use that term loosely) still find ways to have fun on the escalator. The latest crazy is spinning on the escalator rails.

Folks who live in the country find their own entertainment. Sometimes it's a little dangerous but always funny. Check out the new redneck human slingshot machine. I might watch but I don't know that I would participate. At least not the first time.

As a kid we had the "wet banana" then they were called "slip 'n slides" you would run then throw yourself on your belly and slide down the water covered plastic. Guess that wasn't exciting enough now the rednecks have taken over with their own version of "running" everything else seems to be the same.