There are some talents that are acceptable like chainsaw sculpting then there is popping out our eyeballs, not so acceptable. Now face pulling. What? You don't know what face pulling is? Well then I guess you're just going to have to go watch the videos now!

Chainsaw sculpting is an incredible talent. These guys are making delicate sculptures out of big chunks of wood with a very large tool. They get incredible detail like fur on a bear, feathers on a bird and even petals on a flower to look like they were done with small hand tools. Not only are they talented they are fast too. This competition in Europe shown in the video allows only 30 minutes for the sculpture completion.

Now here is face pulling. Face pulling competitions are held around the world and you wouldn't believe how many folks can contort their faces into something completely unrecognizable as a human face.

Finally, I'm not sure this is a talent or a medical problem but for the purpose of this blog it is a "talent". A man has the ability to contract the muscles behind his eyes making it look as if his eyeballs are about to pop out of his head. Kind of reminds me of old cartoons or bad zombie movies.