There are such things as child labor laws in the US but it doesn't stop parents from trying to teach their young ones a trade.Teaching them something early so they can earn a good paycheck in the future is the goal.They may never be famous for these crafts except in mom's home movies but they sure are cute trying. Here are some jobs for babies.

Now Monica and Rachel may have just hung out in the coffee shop but who do you think made all that coffee they drank? Probably someone who grew up with a great affection for the beverage and became an expert at making it at an early age. Check out the "Barista Baby" making moms coffee in the Keurig.

You will always need lawn care maintenance so this is a trade that anyone can and should learn.There is low overhead (because babies are short), you can make good money, work outdoors and you don't have a lot of pesky co-workers bugging you all the time.You just work at your own pace until you get the job done. It is important to use tools that fit your stature however. Most important, is always wear a bib. Check out "Lawn Care Baby."

My grandmother worked in the laundry room at the Hendrick Home for Children here in Abilene for many years. I'm not sure how she got her start but I feel it might have been a little more involved than what is done here by "Laundry Baby". Apparently you simply put ALL clothes, no matter color, in the washer. They may already be clean and dry but, well, you can simply never be sure. It's important to wash them at least 2 times.

So do you have video of your kids doing house hold chores? I know my brother is on film cooking and vacuuming at about 4 years old but he's bigger than me and I don't think it wise of me to post those pics here. But if you have some please share!!