I've always been fascinated by optical illusions. Trying to figure out how they did what they did boggles my mind. When I was younger my parents bought me tickets to go see David Copperfield when he came to town. It was amazing. So I found some pretty good illusion videos here.

The definition of illusion is: 1. an object causing a false visual impression
2. an instance of deception by such an object

So in this first video a man gets sawed in half, or so it appears, and then put back together. This is the illusion that has always baffled me; how do you separate ones body?

This is called an Ames rooms. Two men stand in the same room, one looks like a giant the other a very small person. So how do they do that? Well this video shows you how this illusion works.

This is probably my favorite. The whole video is done in reverse. It shows a huge lawn that is sprawled out in a public square. It looks like the lawn has been spray painted with lines all over it. If you follow the video to it's starting point, where everyone stand for the overview, you'll see it actually looks round like the earth.